Your Child's Personal Safety Training Assessment

Thank you for taking the time to view this important training video on child sexual abuse prevention. Please take a moment to complete this brief assessment to finish the training.  There will be 10 questions, and the correct response must be selected before the next question will populate. 
Once you answer all questions, submit your responses for course credit

Physical violations involve unwanted touch; verbal violations happen when someone says something that you think is wrong or inappropriate; and sexual boundary violations involve unwanted sexual touch or statements.

Child sexual abuse can be “hands on” with unwanted physical touch as well as “hands off” when no physical touching takes place.

Research tells us that 90% of victims of child sexual abuse know the person that abused them, and this can be a reason why children are hesitant to tell someone about their abuse.

Grooming is an important process that involves multiple steps and involves gaining the trust of more people than just the child.

Experts agree that most children don’t tell anyone for a variety of reasons.

The abuser’s process may be so subtle, that often the child doesn’t know the abuse is inappropriate, or the child may not have the knowledge of sexuality to understand that what is happening is abuse, or it can be traumatic for the victim to talk about the event, so they choose to stay silent.

Children may not want to play as much as they used to; start talking about an older friend; have problems in school; start lying or keeping secrets; get unexplained gifts or privileges. Teens may skip school; have problems with their teachers; start getting bad grades; have anxiety or depression; cut themselves or show self-harm behaviors; or start having poor hygiene.

Additional strategies of our youth protection system include a thorough screening process for volunteers; clear rules and guidelines for our program that are designed to keep you child safe; and reporting any concerns about your child’s safety or well-being with your Match Support Specialist

All 10 Questions must be CORRECT to Submit and receive credit