High School Student Volunteer Mentor Application

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All information contained in this application is confidential.   Thank you for your interest in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program.
Non-Discrimination Policy

Our participants come to us with a wide range of personal characteristics. We believe that participant eligibility shall be determined without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, or disability. 

Basic Information

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Contact Information

Additional Information

Previous Experience

References and Background Check

Must be people who have known you for at least two years.  First reference must be a spouse or spousal equivalent. If there is no spousal equivalent, the reference must be a family member; Others should be familiar with your home environment.  If applicable, list a reference from any other youth serving organization where you have worked or volunteered.

Teacher Reference

Personal/ Community Reference

Volunteer Experience

Mentor Agreement

I hereby make formal application to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Shoals to become a Big Brother or Big Sister.  I understand that a check will be made of my background and that all information about me will be kept confidential.  I understand that all information gathered by the agency concerning me is the property of the agency and is not available for my review.  I understand that my application or status as a volunteer may be terminated by the agency at any time and for any reason the agency deems appropriate.  I agree that if accepted as a volunteer I will meet with my little regularly and abide by the rules and guidelines established by the Agency concerning my match with a Little Brother or Little Sister and that I will cooperate with the agency and my case manager concerning my match.  

I understand that:
  1. The references and youth organizations that I have worked for or been involved with as a volunteer whose information I have provided may be contacted by telephone or email.
  2.  I am in no way obligated to perform any volunteer services.
  3. I will be asked to provide my social security number.
  4. The information I provide may be used to conduct a background check, to include a driving records check, criminal background check, and other records where required by local, state, or federal law for volunteers working with youth. If matched, the information I provided may also be used to conduct an annual criminal background and driving records check. Continued involvement will be based on the information discovered.
  5.  Big Brothers Big Sisters has the right to accept or deny program participants and is not obligated to match me with a youth. Big Brothers Big Sisters is not required to provide me with a reason if I am not accepted or matched with a youth.
  6. As part of the enrollment process, I agree to provide additional personal information to assist Big Brothers Big Sisters in making a recommendation for matching.

Release of Information Authorization for Background Check

I hereby authorize Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Shoals, Inc. to conduct a search of my background and for any criminal record history.  I further authorize any and all law enforcement agencies, Courts, Clerks of Courts, or others having access to criminal records information to assist Big Brothers Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Shoals, Inc. in such search.  I further attest that the above information concerning myself is true and accurate.

Consent to Release Confidential Information

In order for the agency to assist the parent in making an informed decision concerning the selection of an appropriate volunteer for their child, it is necessary that the agency provide the parent with personal information about the volunteer which may include sexual orientation, religious practices, arrest and court records and any other information which the agency deem appropriate concerning the prospective volunteer.  It is, therefore, necessary that you sign the following release of information. I hereby authorize the release of information concerning myself to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Shoals to the parent of any Little Brother or Little Sister with whom I have agreed to be matched.

Confidentiality Policies for Volunteers


  •      All client and volunteer information is confidential.  This includes the information gathered from the parent, child, volunteer, and from any other contacts.
  •       All information gathered by the agency concerning volunteers, clients, or parents is the property of the agency and is not available for their review.
  •      For purpose of program evaluation, BBBSA may be authorized by the board of directors to review the files.
  •        Information from case records may be released only to the court upon receipt of a valid subpoena.  A valid search warrant allows immediate access to agency files.  Information shall be provided to the agencies legal counsel in the event of receiving a subpoena, a search warrant, or threat of litigation.  Such information is considered privileged and its confidentiality is protected by law.  
  •       The release of necessary information to report suspected child abuse is not a breech of confidentiality.
  •       If a staff or board member received information indicating that a client, volunteer, or parent may be of danger to themselves or others, necessary steps may be taken to protect the appropriate party.  This may include a medical referral or a report to the local law enforcement authorities.   
Pledge of Confidentiality

As a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Shoals, Inc. I will hold any and all information about my Little and my Little’s family in the strictest confidence. This includes any information that was shared with me by BBBS staff, my Little, my Little’s parent/guardian and any information that is gained by myself or passed on to me by other sources.

I understand that I must have permission from my Little’s parent/guardian to share their name and photos of them on social media. I understand that the agency prefers that I use only my Little’s first name in social media posts. 

I will not share with others, besides BBBS staff when necessary, the sensitive & private conversations that I have with my Little. I understand that it may become necessary to disclose information to the BBBS staff, my Little’s parent/guardian or the authorities if my Little is in danger or some harm may come to my Little if the information is not disclosed.

I will not have “secrets” that cannot be shared with my Littles parent/guardian or the BBBS staff. 

Social Networking Guidelines

Big Brothers Big Sisters recognizes that online social networking (Facebook, My Space, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, etc.) is very popular communications tool and that many of our Big Brothers/Sisters and Little Brothers/Sisters use these web-sites. In general, personal use of social networking sites is typically for communications between peers, including friends and family. BBBS wants to reiterate that your relationship with your Little is that of a mentor in addition to a friend. Not all social networking sites are designed to support mentoring relationships. Please proceed thoughtfully when inviting or accepting an invitation from your Little to a social networking site. If you have any doubts, please contact your BBBS staff/ School Based Coordinator and/or postpone your invitation or acceptance. If you do choose to participate in a social networking site with your Little, you must adhere to the following guidelines regarding any postings related to match or affiliation with BBBS:


·        Do not participate in any online communication with/about your Little unless you have discussed this with the parent/guardian or BBBS staff/School Based Coordinator and have received their approval.

·        Give the parent/guardian and BBBS your website address, and when possible ink your page to the BBBS page on that site so that we can follow along with your postings. We are active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

·        Never post any pictures of your Little online unless you have the written consent of the child’s parent/guardian. That consent form should be filed with BBBS.

·        Never post the last name of your Little, his/her parent/guardian or BBBS staff.

·        Never post any contact information for your Little.

·        Never post any identifying information about child’s home address, school the child attends, where the parent works, etc).

·        Never post anything that could be perceived as judgmental or offensive to your Little or his/her parent/guardian.

·        Make sure that your page settings are set to private, so that only people you approve can view your online content. Ensure that BBBS and the parent/guardian are approved if you plan to post content related to your match.

·        Honor confidentiality guidelines within your match; be cautious when posting detailed information about conversations with your Little, their parent/guardian or with BBBS staff. Posting generalized information or status updates is typically appropriate, but lengthier postings or blogs containing in-depth information should be approved by the parent/guardian and by BBBS prior to posting.

·        Be aware of other postings on your page that are not BBBS related or are inappropriate for minors. Know that as a BBBS volunteer you are a role model at all times. Please ensure that all contents are appropriate and kid-friendly, in case your Little or his/her family were to read your social networking page. If the social networking site allows, create a separate group for your Little, his/her parent/guardian and BBBS staff that limits your Little’s access to your general or universal postings.

·        When in doubt about whether or not something is appropriate to post, consult with your Match Support Coordinator prior to posting.


Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the termination of your match.

Media Release

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Shoals, Inc. has my permission to use my photograph, likeness, artwork, profile and/or story in all forms of media and all manners, including publications, web pages, and other promotional materials. I understand the circulation of the materials could be worldwide and that there will be no compensation to me for this use.  I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written copy that may be created in connection therewith.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act Consent


I authorize that Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Shoals, Inc. has my consent to contact me regarding any matter related to the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, agency activities and events, and any other informational notices deemed important by the agency at the current or any future number that I provide for my landline, cellular phone or other wireless device using automated telephone dialing equipment or artificial or pre-recorded voice or text messages. I understand that I do not have to agree to receive autodialed calls or automated text messages to apply or enroll but that if I don’t, I may fail to receive valuable information. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify the agency if there is a change or disruption in any of the phone numbers provided.

Child Safety Guidelines and Ground Rules for Volunteers                                                                      


·        The parent, child and volunteer should stay in contact with the Match Support Specialist, notify the Match Support Specialist of any problems that may arise and ask for help from the Match Support Specialist as needed.


·        The parent does not request the Big Brother/Big Sister for transportation, money, to babysit or to fix things around the house.


·        No legal relationship (i.e. custody or guardianship) is established as a result of the relationship between the volunteer and child and should any problem arise, the Big Brother/Big Sister will not intercede for the parent.


·        The Big Brother/Sister does not include any members or friends of the Little Brother/Sister’s family in activities nor does the parent request that he/she do so.


·        The mentor and mentee are encouraged to keep in contact over the phone during the summer. Parents should monitor the time and length of calls.


·        Inform the program coordinator of any picture taking or videoing involving the child.


·        Viewing of sexually explicit films, movies, photographs, or magazines is not allowed.


·        Report any change in job, marital status, telephone number, or home address to your Match Support Specialist.


·        Respect confidentiality in this friendship as you would with your peers.


Have fun and enjoy being a part of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program!

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Considering that mentoring is a privilege and not a right. The general public tends to equate the caliber of an organization with the character of its staff, board and volunteers. Our volunteer suitability policy states that as a BBBS volunteer, applicants must exhibit a high level of character, honesty, integrity and ethics.


Our Values

As the nation’s pre-eminent youth mentoring organization, we hold our volunteers to high standards. We expect the following values to be observed and practiced while in the service of Big Brothers Big Sisters:


·         Demonstrating honesty and transparency in all of our dealings

·         Upholding exemplary ethical principles

·         Making decisions that reflect high standards and accountability

·         Being accountable for our actions

·         Showing pride in our efforts and in the organization for which we associate


·         Working in full cooperation and mutual support that inspires trust

       and respect to achieve a common goal

·         Exemplifying a spirit of service


·         Honoring diversity and inclusion

·         Showing consideration and regard for individuals and institutions (school 

          or workplace)

·         Being tolerant and appreciative

·         Conducting ourselves in a manner that is respectful, non-threatening and 


·         Accepting individual differences


These values will be demonstrated in my daily walk at school, at work, in the community and online. As well as with my interactions with other people and the things I choose to like, share and post on social media. I understand that failure to adhere to BBBS values, standards, requirements, and expectations may result in match closure and termination of my participation in this program.