Youth Application

Before you begin...

What You Need To Complete The Application
Please make sure you have the following ready before you proceed:
  • Contact information for your emergency contact; and caseworker (if applicable)
  • Information about your child's medical history
  • Your personal or professional schedule to help you decide on a good date/time to schedule you and your child's interview with us.
  • TIME -- The application should take about 10-15 minutes to complete, but please make sure that you have ample time to complete it especially if you're enrolling more than one child. There is an option to save your form if you're unable to complete the application(s) in one sitting.
If enrolling more than one child, you will need an application completed for each of them.

You will be able to schedule your interview online via Acuity Scheduling after submitting your child's or children's application(s).
Eligibility Requirements
You will need to meet the following criteria before moving forward:
  • Youth are between the ages of 7 and 14 at the time of enrollment
  • Resides within Lincoln city limits
  • Will reside in the area for at least 12 months to commit to the program
  • Be able to meet with their Big 2-4 times per month for a total of at least 4 hours per month
  • Youth shows a desire to be matched in the program
  • Have a custodial parent/guardian that will demonstrate a supportive and cooperative attitude toward BBBS-Lincoln and abide by the Agency's policies and guidelines
  • Must not be involved in another mentoring program (ex., Teammates, etc.)

Should you have questions about the enrollment criteria, you may reach out to our Enrollment Coordinator, Jalin Gerdes, at 402-665-0475
or at
Foster Care Youth
If you are enrolling a youth in foster care, do NOT proceed with this application until you have been in contact with our Enrollment Coordinator. 

If our Enrollment Coordinator has completed your pre-enrollment process, you may proceed with completing the application.

Jalin Gerdes | Enrollment Coordinator
Phone: 402-665-0475 | Email:

Contact/Demographics Information

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Youth Information
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This is the year the youth will graduate.
**Use the Graduation Year Calculator for assistance**

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Guardian Information
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Family Information
Physical Address
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Existing Household Members
Please choose this child's relationship to the following people:

Emergency Contact
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Someone other than yourself
How Did You Hear About Us?

Girl Scouts Partnership


Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska has a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters Lincoln which allows Little Sisters (all grades) to join Girl Scouts and participate in activities and events free of charge! Siblings (kindergarten through 12th grade) can join as well. This applies to all Big Brothers Big Sisters Lincoln mentees and their siblings.

Through enriching experiences and activities, Girl Scouts discover their values, connect with those who share their vision, and take action to make the world a better place. Girl Scouts is the preeminent leadership development organization for girls, providing abundant opportunities for every girl to do something and be someone amazing!

Girls and their families can choose how to participate, this can be with a troop or as an individual. There are many girls who choose to participate solely by attending programs or a camp. All girls can sell cookies if they desire.

While participating in programs and camps is available at no charge, your girl does need to be registered to participate.
Great to hear!
After you've submitted your application, a representative from Girls Scouts Spirit of Nebraska will contact you within the next month for more information on how to get started.
No problem!
If you ever change your mind, you can contact us or Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska at any time.

BBBSL Agreements

Non-Discrimination Policy and Agreement
Non-Disclosure Policy and Agreement
Parent/Guardian Agreement

Confidentiality Policy Agreement

Promotional Authorization

Virtual Platform

Community-Based Program Agreement

Additional Enrollments

Next Steps
After completing your e-signature on the next page, you will be re-directed back to a new Youth Application for another child that you would like enrolled in the program.

You may click 'Submit' below to proceed.
Next Steps
After completing your e-signature on the next page, you will be re-directed to Acuity Scheduling to set up your interview with us. Please choose the interview option that best suits the number of children that you are enrolling.

You will only need to schedule one interview unless you are enrolling four or more children.

You may click 'Submit' below to proceed.