Hunting Permission Form

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Big Sky Country (BBBS-BSC) requires all Bigs and Littles who intend to hunt together to provide proof of completed Hunter Education prior to any outing that may include hunting. BBBS-BSC requires all participants to abide by Montana hunting laws. Students ages 10-11 years who are Apprentice hunter Certified may hunt without completion of Hunter Education when accompanied by a Certified Mentor, but will not be fully certified until the year they turn12. Big and Parent/Guardians and Littles must provide staff with documentation of completed Hunter Education and/or Mentor Apprentice Certification prior to hunting together. 

Safety Agreements

  • Parents/Guardians must know where the match will be, when they will return, and have all contact information.
  • HIGHLY Recommended that Youth have their own cell phone with them.
  • Both Bigs and Littles should have their match support specialists number in case of emergency.
  • Big and Littles will follow gun key safety precautions:
  1. ALWAYS treat every firearm as if it loaded
  2. ALWAYS point the muzzle as it is loaded
  3. ALWAYS be sure of your target and beyond
  4. ALWAYS keep your figner off the trigger until you are ready to fire