Overnight Permission Form

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Big Sky Country (BBBS-BSC) does not encourage overnight visits between a Big and a Little. Overnight visits of Bigs and Littles are NOT allowed during the first year of a Community Based match. Any match that has been together for less than one year that engages in overnight visits will be suspended or terminated from meeting until further notice from BBBS-BSC staff.

After a match has been together for a year, the following exceptions are allowed for a match to have an overnight visit. Specific criteria must be met AND the required authorizations and forms must be documented prior to an overnight visit. These exceptions include:
  • There is a genuine concern for the safety of a child returning to their own home (emergency circumstances) OR
  • An event is formally designated by the agency as one that is of a nature to provide an exceptionally significant developmental or education benefit to a child or youth and that the event would not be possible without the Big accompanying the Little. 

Safety Agreements

  • All individuals must have their own separate places to sleep (no sharing beds, couches, etc.);
  • Individuals must change in private areas (such as a bathroom);
  • HIGHLY recommend that youth have their own cell phone with them;
  • Parents/Guardians must know where the match will be, when they will return, and have all contact information for the place they will be at;
  • Both Bigs and Littles should have their match support specialists cell phone number is case of emergency;
  • The Little, Big, and Parent/Guardian will discuss the overnight visit with their match support specialist before AND after the overnight occurs. 

Overnight Details