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Non-Discrimination Policy
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Siouxland will not discriminate against potential volunteers or youth based on race, religion, national origin or citizenship status, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability or marital status.
Eligibility Requirements
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have your own vehicle and have a valid driver’s license
  • Have current automobile insurance
  • Make at least a 12-month commitment to being matched in the program
  • Be able to meet with your Little 2-4 times per month for a total of at least 4 hours per month
  • Be able to meet our specific criminal history requirements
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Information Session Video
Thank you for your interest in learning more about joining the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program!

Please watch the Information Session video and complete the questionnaire below. 

If you have specific questions our program or enrollment process, please contact our Enrollment Specialist Aldo Moreno.
Call/Text: 712-333-6139 Email: Amoreno@bigbrothersbigsisters.com
Information Session Questionnaire

The correct answer is "No." The Littles in our program have great inherent potential. A mentor is someone that helps the Little realize their potential, expose them to different opportunities, celebrate their own environment, do different activities in the community, have in-depth conversations to help the Little explore their strengths and broaden their horizons. In the coming days, you'll learn more about your role as a potential Big and the expectations that come with that. 

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Big Couple Option

**Please note that you and your spouse/partner will each have to complete the enrollment process separately in order to become a Big Couple. Your spouse/partner will receive a separate email to start their own enrollment once you have submitted this form.**

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**Please be aware that this is not an application. You will be required to submit a full application soon.**

**Please be sure to check your Primary and Junk email folders for any follow-up correspondences from the agency, Acuity, or FormAssembly.**

Ready To Become A Defender Of Potential?

Next Steps
If you're ready to commit to becoming a Defender of Potential, please submit your inquiry form below and continue on through the enrollment process. You'll receive an email with a link to the application if you're not able to complete it now.

You will need to complete the following steps:
  1. Volunteer Application (includes references, background check, and copies of driver's license and car insurance declaration page) *BBBS of Siouxland requires all Bigs to have a minimum of $100,000/bodily injury*
  2. Pre-Match Mentor Training
  3. Training Follow-up
  4. Volunteer Interview

Should you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to our staff.