Safford High School Big Application

Thank you for your interest in being a High School Big! The following application
must be completed by the High School Student applicant and their Parent/Guardian.
Preliminary Questions
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Mentor/Student Information
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Guardian Information
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Family Information
Emergency Contact
If we are unable to reach you (the High School Big applicant) who is someone we could call who always knows how to reach you?

Additional Questions for the High School Big Applicant

Please complete this volunteer Big application packet to its fullest, including photo release, preliminary agreements, info forms, policies and agreements with my parent/guardian. 

You will be asked to provide two reference contacts in this application. These are required as a part of the application. 

High School Big Interests Sheet

Check the following boxes below that reflect your interests. While we will use a combination of different information to match, this will provide a quick foundation. 

High School Big References

Please fill out at least two references to be contacted by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona.  These references are an adult from your school that knows you well and can answer questions about your personality and interests.  If you'd like to add another reference there is an option to do so below the second reference. 
School Reference

School Reference

Consent Forms

PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Please check off the following statements below to show you agree with the following policies. You will have a chance to sign off on this at the end of this form. 

Consent for Evaluation Surveys
Permission/Pictures of Your Child
Student Consent for Release of Information
Description of Records to be released:
  1. Student: Date of Birth, ID Number, Gender, Ethnicity, Zip Code, English language learner classification, special education classification, grade level, credit accumulation, cohort year, attendance, course grade, AP enrollment, graduation, diploma type, college enrollment and Parent Contact Information
Reasons for release of Record: To provide the team conducting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona research and evaluation with all relevant student information in order to draw conclusions about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona's impact on students

Other restrictions and conditions:

This consent to release records is limited to those persons expressly named herein for the duration of their involvement in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona program. Any further release of records to any other person, group, corporation or other entity of any kind or nature is expressly prohibited without the further written consent of the student and parent.


In checking off this statement, the student and/or student's legal guardian agrees to permit the release of these records.

Preliminary Agreements

Please read and check off the following agreements for the BBBSSA High School Mentor Program

You have reached the end of the application. We will need an "e-signature" to complete the application. 

Parent/Guardian E-Signature