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Non-Discrimination Policy
Our participants come to us with a wide range of personal characteristics. We believe that participant eligibility shall be determined without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, immigration status, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, or disability. 
Welcome to the Site Based Program
Welcome to the Big Brothers Big Sisters online application!

This program is available only to participants in designated locations.

In a Site-Based Program, youth will be matched with a Big who shares similar interests and from our affiliated locations.

The role of a Big is to be a friend, coach, and caring adult.

All Matches and Parent/Guardians for youth under 18 years old are supported by a team of BBBS Staff, providing a specialist to answer questions, assist with goal setting, offer advice, and suggest meaningful activities for the mentoring relationship.

As a caring and careful organization, we have administrative requirements for our Bigs, including background checks.

The application process takes around 20 minutes and is the first step to enrolling your child as a Little!
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Guardian Information

  • In addition to contacting you regarding the enrollment process, our program requires that parents/guardians are available to communicate with a staff member once a month to provide match support. Please  provide reliable forms of communication and indicate your preferred method of communication

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Family Information

Emergency Contact
If we are unable to reach you, who is someone we could call who always knows how to reach you?

Additional Questions

Other Siblings and Relatives in the Program
Please choose this child's relationship to the following people:

We will make every effort to honor your preferences for your child's mentor. BBBS does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, gender presentation, marital status, sexual orientation, or religion.

Photo Consent and Release Form

We request permission from you and your child to use pictures and quotes taken during BBBSCM meetups (with their mentor or in group activities). This permission allows us to include your child in content shared with the community, such as on social media. It covers both the individual content of your child and content where they might appear in a group photo or activity. Allowing us to share this content enables us to share the story of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass/Metrowest and encourage others to get involved.

Rest assured that BBBSCM will never share any content that is not positive or celebratory without both your and your child's approval.

COPPA Parental Consent Form

Notice to Parents In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), parents (or legal guardians) of children under 13 years of age must consent to collections, uses and disclosures of the personal information of their children collected by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass & Metrowest on Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass & Metrowest and NATIONAL websites, including,, MatchConnect,, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass/Metrowest may have collected your online contact information from your child, as well as the name of the child or the parent, in order to obtain your consent. Your permission is required for the collection, use, or disclosure of your child’s personal information. We will not grant your child access to any BBBS website account unless you provide us with permission. BBBS website accounts provide access to BBBS content, materials, and resources relating to BBBS programs and activities, including information pertaining to [MATCHES ETC.] 

You may revoke your consent at any time to refuse further collection and use of your child’s information. If you desire to revoke this consent, please contact our agency at

Disclosure of Non-Discriminatory Policy

I understand that Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass and Metrowest is committed to the inclusion of all people, supporting all identities.

I acknowledge that Bigs and Littles will not be excluded from the program based on race, ethnicity, immigration status, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, or religious preference.

Match Support Specialists may try to accommodate matches based on similar affinities. However, except for matching like gender identities, which is currently a requirement, all Bigs and Littles may be matched with individuals who identify as members of any race, ethnicity, immigration status, sexual orientation, ability, or religious preference.

I recognize that Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass and Metrowest prioritizes inclusion as a core value.

Parent/Guardian Agreement

By checking the box below and providing my signature at the end of this form, I give permission for the following: 1. My child to participate in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. 2. The volunteer, screened and approved by Big Brothers Big Sisters, to interact with and transport my child to events and match activities, if allowed by program type. 3. The school to provide social and academic information about my child to Big Brothers Big Sisters, such as report cards and behavior reports. 4. My child to participate in an intake interview and complete questionnaires throughout the program to evaluate and improve services. 5. My child to talk with a Big Brothers Big Sisters staff person about personal safety. 6. BBBS staff to provide contact information for me and my child to the volunteer. I understand that the program is not obligated to match my child with a volunteer and that I may be asked to provide additional information through an in-person interview, which will be kept confidential unless required by law. I acknowledge that incidents of child abuse or neglect will be reported to the proper authorities. Relevant information about my child will be discussed with the prospective match, including demographic information, preferences, and child safety and well-being. I certify that all the information on this form is true and correct. I acknowledge that this information may be verified for the receipt of federal funds, and deliberate misrepresentation may result in prosecution under applicable state and federal laws. This information will not affect my qualification for the program. On behalf of myself and my child, I completely release and forever discharge Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass/Metrowest and its employees, agents, volunteers, and all others involved from any claims, liabilities, obligations, damages, actions, causes of action, suits, demands, costs, losses, debts, penalties, fees, and attorneys' fees arising from participation in the program and activities. This release and discharge are intended to provide the broadest release possible permitted by law and may be shared with the school or partnership agencies when applicable. If my child is matched with a Big, I agree to support the match by reviewing program and safety information, communicating with Big Brothers Big Sisters staff as outlined in expectations, and promptly reporting any concerns to Big Brothers Big Sisters staff.