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Important information before applying
Welcome! Please note that this application is to be completed by the youth's parent or guardian only. If you are looking to make a referral for a youth, please click here.

We currently have a waitlist in the Denver Metro Area for:

  • Male youth 
  • Families who are primarily Spanish Speaking applying to the program. 
We currently have a waitlist in the Pikes Peak Region for:
  • Community Mentoring Program
Families who meet our basic qualifications, are in our current age range, and have completed an application will be placed on the waitlist and called when interviews become available. Notification that you have been placed on the waitlist will come via email, and you will receive a phone call for prescreening when you are removed from the waitlist. To make sure you do not lose your spot in line, please make sure to update us of any phone, email, or address changes.

Program Options:

Community Mentoring
Our traditional program in which each Big and Little meet several times per month and choose activities to do together in the community based on shared interests and goals. 
Sports Buddies
Our sports-focused program where Matches meet one or two times per month to participate in agency supervised activities that involve attending and/or participating in sports.

To be a candidate for our programs:
  • Youth should be between the ages of 9 and 17.
  • Priority is given to youth in a single parent home, kinship care, or non-traditional family.
  • Priority is given to youth who are eligible for free or reduced lunch at school.
  • If applying for our Community Mentoring program youth must be available a minimum of two times a month to meet with their mentor.
  • If applying for our Sports Buddies program youth must be available 1-2 Saturdays a month to meet at in person events. The family must have transportation to take the child to and from the events. Unfortunately this program is not a good fit for families that use public transportation.
If the child does not meet our qualifications or is outside the 9-17 age range there are several other mentoring agencies operating in Colorado. 

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Non-Discrimination Policy
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado celebrates the diversity of our participants. No volunteer, family member, child, staff or individual is excluded on the basis of race, age (must meet minimum age requirements), color, religion, national origin, gender, gender expression, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status or disability.
Additional Information
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By signing below, I give permission for the above named minor child to apply for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado, Inc.  All information will be held by BBBSC is confidential.
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